July 17, 2013

SYNOPSIS: “If you see only one Japanese seeing-eye-dog movie this year, let it be Quill. The opening scenes present a bounty of puppies so unbearably cute, they’ll elicit a chorus of coos from even the stoniest audience. The movie’s hero is a Labrador named Quill who undergoes the most demanding training regimen seen on screen since the 36th Chamber of Shaolin. Smart, diligent and charming, he wins the affection of his stern trainer, Tawada, and his grumpy blind handler. Audiences are just as unlikely to resist him in Yoichi Sai’s simply rendered and indisputably sweet film.” – Jason Anderson, EYE Magazine.
DIRECTOR: Yoichi Sai
KEY CAST: Kaoru Kobayashi, Kippei Shiina, Teruyuki Kagawa
SOURCE: Shochiki Co., Ltd.