July 17, 2013

SYNOPSIS: Best known for his painting “The Scream”, this pristinely restored 1973 film covers the 10 year period in Munch’s life, 1885-95, when the artist did his most important and influential work. Through a swirling montage of the sounds and images conveying Munch’s memories, fears and influences all interspersed with shots of the artist at work, this film creates one of the most enthralling studies of a working artist ever filmed.
DIRECTOR: Peter Watkins 
KEY CAST: Geir Westby, Gro Fraas
SOURCE: Project X Distribution
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: “As powerful, thoughtful and revelatory as anything you’ll see this year, Edvard Munch stands… as one of a tiny number of films about artists that are themselves masterpieces.” (Jason Anderson, eye Weekly, January 2005)
“A work of genius” (Ingmar Bergman)
“Moving, complex, beautifully felt… One of the few films about a serious artist that can be taken seriously” (Vincent Canby,New York Times)