July 16, 2013

SYNOPSIS: The Answer Key is the urban fairy tale of esteemed problem-maker Joe Strobe who is obsessed with an overdue contract for the Ministry of Education. Despite some minor domestic tribulations such as his misdirected mail, a suicidal plant, and the dull ache of his heart, Joe’s problems are unfaltering. His work, however, is interrupted with the arrival of a self-diagnostic kit for a particularly dismal, post-industrial pestilence known as Terminal Loneliness. When Joe tests positive he finds himself faced with his greatest problem of all time. 
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Gabriella Martinelli
PRODUCER: Robin Crumley
DIRECTOR: Samir Rehem
KEY CAST: Joe Pingue, Robin Brule, Earl Pastko
SOURCE: Capri Vision
AWARDS: 2009 Genie Award nomination for Best Live Action Short